Comprehensive list of Air Force Benefits and entitlements

Air Force Benefits and Pay

There are many benefits of joining the Air Force. Whether it’s pay, education, medical and life insurance or even an intangible benefit, you should be able to find it here. Below are a list of Air Force benefits, while it may not be all inclusive it is pretty close. Also included are many helpful links […]

The New One Mistake Air Force

air force enlistment

If you want to join the Air Force there are some things you need to be aware of. There are alot of new developments going on in todays Air Force. People are getting out earlier voluntarily or they are being forced to leave. Some people liken the current atmosphere to the reality show “Survivor” or […]

Can’t Join The Air Force? Try This.

civilian govt jobs

Not everybody can join the military. There is a reason why only 1% of the United States population serves in the military and not wanting too is not the only reason. Many people want to but simply can’t. But it is possible to work for the military. And I have to tell you, as someone […]

I’m PISSED! MEPS disqualified me for no reason!

disqualified at meps

Were you wrongly disqualied at MEPS? I got an email from an upset mother, whose daughter was temporarily medically disqualied when she went to MEPS. It was  a great email and I wanted to share it for everyones benefit. As always all parties will remain 100% anonymous. Here is her email Dear Sir,             You sound bright, witty […]

Does the Air Force Go To War?

does the air force go to war

This article is being written as a result of a recent comment that I got. It was a great question and definitely one that was worthy of having its own post. You can read the comment here on my article about two reasons people are scared to join the Air Force. Basically a concerned mother […]

How Does The Soft Book Program Work

air force soft book program

The Air Force Soft book program is not a program that everyone can take part of. It is time sensitive and only available to individuals in their Jr. Year of high school. It is basically an incentive program that will allow a young man or woman the ability to pick the job of their choice […]

Full rights for gay and lesbian marriage in the Air Force

gay marriage benefits military

If you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know, homosexuals are allowed to openly serve in the military. Not only are they allowed to serve, but they are allowed to get married to their same sex partner. But there was a catch. The spouse of the military member was not offered the benefits that […]

Can Single Parents Join The Air Force Now?

can single parents join the air force

Yes, single parents can join the Air Force. (update) Almost as soon as it was approved it was revoked. Single parents can no longer join the Air Force. However those who joined during the very small window will still be able to enlist. The moral of the story? Move fast when opportunities arise. (end update) […]

Is My Air Force Recruiter Lazy

lazy air force recruiter

Is my Air Force recruiter lazy? Your recruiter is never in the office, not returning calls, is your recruiter just lazy?? This is a common question and a reputation that Air Force recruiters often get tagged with. It doesn’t help that Army, Marines and all the other recruiters from different branches love to perpetuate this […]

Should I lie to my recruiter or at MEPS to join the Air Force

should I lie to recruiter to join air force

A lot of you wonder whether you should lie at MEPS or lie to your recruiter to join the Air Force. First let me give you the professional answer. NO you should not lie to join the Air Force. In fact, in most cases there is really no need to. The Air Force has 3 […]