Secret Tip From A Recruiter On How To Pass The ASVAB

How To Pass The ASVAB For The Air Force

In my experience one of the biggest disqualifiers for young men and women seeking to join the Air Force was not being able to pass the ASVAB.

Also from my experience this problem is most prevalent in poorer school districts. I did not come from the best High School but I have somehow been blessed with the gift of being able to learn very easily. The reason I say this is that regardless what school you went to, if you really want something bad enough you can get it.

When it comes to passing the ASVAB, there are really only two main areas that I would tell my applicants to focus on. Those areas are Math and English the reason that I tell them to only focus on Math and English because is because if they can excel in Math and English then they’re going to score very well on the overall test.

Yes you’re going to see other areas on the test such as science and mechanical type stuff but 90% of the test is Math and English whether it be paragraph comprehension or arithmetic reasoning  it’s either going to be math-based or english-based.


The reason why I never really  focus on mechanics or science is because 

1 Those areas are very hard to study for and 

2. My main goal was to get them to pass to ASVAB and to be qualified to join the Air Force.

The mechanics and science portion of the test are basically just to see if they have the aptitude to go into a mechanical or science based job. If you don’t already have the aptitude for mechanics and you really want to come in as an aircraft mechanic or crew chief, you’re probably going to struggle.

That is why I let the test do what it does ,which is sort out the people and arrange them according to the jobs that would best suit them. Now this is not to say that you will have no control over the job that you get. I am only saying that you may not even be aware yourself what you have an aptitude for.

You would never believe the amount of times that someone would come to me with their heart set on a specific job and end up getting a different job and I get an email or letter months later after they have joined, telling me how much they love their job, it happens over and over again.


So How Do You Pass The ASVAB?

 Study! Plain and simple.

 I always recommend studying an SAT study guide. I’m not sure why but I always see so much success when do this.

 You already know you need to get a good night’s rest before the test and all that stuff but the bottom one is that you need to study.

 So go get a study guide and study for about a month and you should be ready for the test.

Get very familiar with Algebra formulas. If you can remember the specific formulas to solve your basic algebra problems then you will be prepared for most of the math questions you on the test. 

There will be Math word problems on the ASVAB. Take a look at this question and see how you do. This is not an ASVAB study questions, just an idea for you to see how much studying you actually need.

ASVAB test 3 Tips For Passing the ASVAB Test Word Knowledge

This is another portion that many people struggle with.

  • The best way to really excel in this area is to READ. I’m not talking about comic books (although not necessarily bad) I am talking about novels. Word knowledge deals with understanding the meaning of words. I learn the most new words when I read good books.
  • Talk to intelligent people. If you are hanging around with friends who speak worse than you, you are not going to get any better.
  • Watch the News. No not cops or local news reports but News shows like Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow depending on your flavor. These are some rather intelligent people and I always walk away with a new word or two when I watch these shows.

Check out these questions below to see how much work you need on your vocabulary.

ASVAB test word knowledge


 Answers- Excused, Occupation, Unintelligible, Assign


How did you do? Did you get them all right? If not then you need to study before taking the ASVAB.

If you got them all right you still need to study to pass the ASVAB.

So go study!



When taking the ASVAB  MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS. You are only scored on the questions you get right. So what does that mean? It means that if you don’t answer the question there is no way on gods green earth that you will get the question right. If you don’t know the answer, GUESS!  Statistics show that you have a better chance at getting a question right when you guess than when you don’t answer it all.

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