Physical Requirements For The Air Force

If you want to join the Air Force  obviously you have to be within the minimum height and weight requirements, it is not just a weight requirement, it is actually a height versus weight requirement. This means that how tall you are determines how much you can weigh.  If you want to know how much you can weigh based on your height just view the height and weight chart below.

Height (inches) Max Weight (lbs)
58 131
59 136
60 141
61 145
62 150
63 155
64 160
65 165
66 170
67 175
68 180
69 186
70 191
71 197
72 202
73 208
74 214
75 220
76 225
77 231
78 237
79 244
80 250


When it comes to your height and your weight sometimes the numbers can be a bit deceiving.  Say for example you are 5 foot eight and you weigh 200 pounds but you’re a bodybuilder and you’re about 3% body fat In this situation what you have to do is go to the body fat test

What I would recommend if you know that you’re going to be over your maximum weight for your height but you do believe that you’re under 20% body fat, which is the Maximum for males And 28% which is the maximum for females, is to go by a local clinic, maybe go by the hospital see your doctor or go see a specialist at your local gym and get a professional body fat measurement done. Than get a printout of your results and take those results in to your recruiter when you go talk to them.

I will tell you firsthand that overweight applicants can be one of the biggest headaches for recruiters. So if you are barely under the body fat percentage say you’re 18% and your male then your recruiter may not allow you to join based on your body fat percentage. Some squadrons require you to be under your percentage by a minimum of 5% so they would require you to be at 15% for males and 23% for females.  This is to give them room for error, because when you join the Air Force you may be in the delayed enlistment program for a very long time and during this time you have the potential to put on weight.

There is nothing worse for recruiters than having the headache and stress of knowing that there is an overweight applicant in their delayed enlistment program who is leaving for basic training in two weeks. This is why many recruiters will not even give an applicant who is overweight the time of day. It is not because they’re trying to be rude or that they do not care, it is because they know the headache that goes along with such an applicant and they can get into serious trouble if an applicant can not ship out to basic training because they are overweight.

So what can you do if you are indeed overweight,

I’m talking about legitimately over both your height/weight and your body fat standards. If you decide to go to the recruiting office, you should let them know right off the bat, that you are aware that you’re overweight and let them know exactly how much you are over.  Too many people go into a recruiters office, clearly obese yet they act amazingly shocked when they find out that are 50 pounds overweight, don’t be one of these people.

An experienced recruiter has the ability to read people so if you go into the recruiters office and you are sincere the recruiter  will be able to sense that.  So go in there with sincerity letting them know that you are aware that you are overweight but you will lose the weight.

At this point Your recruiter  will be more likely (not always) to sit and talk to you about some of the other benefits of the Air Force and answer your questions.  I always give applicants like this some diet tips and when they come back a month later and they dropped about 5 pounds I am much more apt to work with them and actually help them to lose the weight because I know that they are sincere and I know that they are dedicated.

However if joining the Air Force is your goal, than my recommendation would be not to even go to a recruiter’s office if you are any more than 10 pounds over your weight.  You should refer to the height and weight chart above and take the necessary steps to lose the weight before going to talk to a recruiter. In the mean time you can continue to do your research and learn everything you need to know here at Air Force

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